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Kawai is finally 64 years old.
But I'm still doing aerobics.

Men's aerobics circle

Orthodox aerobics not done at sports clubs.

A strong exercise for men who want to train their body.

To participate

Tell us your desire to participate by email. Go to the studio exactly on the day.

Pay 500 yen when you enter the studio.

What you need to participate

2 towels, clothing shoes, PET bottle water

Click here for the schedule

Schedule (from this page to participate)

Instructor Kawai Hidetoshi
Japan Aerobic Fitness Association Certified Instructor
American Aerobic Fitness Association Certified Instructor
STEP REEBOK certified instructor
Japan Aerobics Federation Aerobics Test Level 4

If you would like to participate, please contact us by email.
There is no need for something like "member registration".
It is OK if you apply for participation by e-mail (← always) and bring one 500-yen coin on the day.
↓ ↓ ↓

Please write the following required items in the email

Select the day you want to participate in from the table above

time : Example(13:00-15:00)
Day of the week : Example( 19 dec.)
place : Example(Hounantyou)
Your nickname


What you need to participate

Wear (top and bottom)
2 towels
Bath towel (if necessary)
A plastic bag to take a wet towel home

cipate in
Please set the subject (title) to "Aerobics participation request"


Inquiry email address